Boondocks women

Even though he is shown to be more intelligent than his best friend, he shares the same homicidal tendencies. When someone challenges his poor criminal planning, claiming they only get away because no one comes after them, he defends himself by claiming just because they do not know no one comes after them does not mean there is not anyone coming after them, asserting that "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence" parodying the claims of Bush and Rumsfeld regarding Saddam Hussein 's supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in reference to the assertion that no one ever comes after them or by insisting that he could not plan for "unknown unknowns". Riley can be seen as representative of the misguided Black youth. Otis Jenkins voiced by series producer Carl Jones — Otis Jenkins is a once-famous rapper named Thugnificent and Riley's most recent idol. Although Leonard was treated as a second-class member of the Lethal Interjection Crew—mostly due to his penchant for being socially awkward—he is the only member of the crew to stick with Thugnificent when he lost all of his money. The Hateocracy", and " He appears in the episode " Pause " where it is revealed that Winston founded his theatrical cult for the purpose of having sex with men. Ed Wuncler III is a drunken, psychopathic, trigger-happy ex-special forces soldier freshly discharged from active duty in Iraq. We'll get arrested and anally raped!

Boondocks women

Robert auditioned to be the leading man in one of his plays. Ed and Rummy kidnap him in "Let's Nab Oprah," but return him almost immediately as they find him too annoying. In " …Or Die Trying ", he demonstrates a mastery of the nunchaku and hand-to-hand combat. Though he has expressed his embarrassment over Huey and Riley, his primary motivation is to advance his family's best interest. Bill Cosby voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson — Bill Cosby is played as a barely intelligible cynic who complains endlessly about the poor manners of young people. We'll get arrested and anally raped! Petto is based on the real-life teacher Paul Dawson who called his student Keysean Chavers "nigga" during a confrontation in class. Joe Petto voiced by Fred Willard — Riley's school teacher who in a state of confusion called him "nigga" causing an uproar. Von Hueson, after Robert kicked him out of the house. He does not hesitate to use corporal punishment when necessary, wielding his belt with great dexterity for this purpose. This is where he most often finds himself at odds with his grandsons. He was a part of the civil rights movement , but was prone to certain faux pas such as donning a raincoat in preparation for getting doused by a police fire hose. Riley can be seen as representative of the misguided Black youth. His character can be interpreted as an " Uncle Tom " as he is seen as having turned his back on his Black heritage however genealogical testing shows him as being The character is apparently intended as a parody of Donald Rumsfeld by similarities in name, appearance, and use of actual quotes. When the client offers the rapper a musical contract that completely shadows the meager earnings from the would-be drug deal, Ed loses his patience and ends up ruining both deals. In "Good Times," Uncle Ruckus started his campaign to run for mayor. Huey Freeman[ edit ] Huey Freeman voiced by Regina King is a young, leftist, radical Black revolutionary rapper and retired domestic terrorist. Ed is a borderline sociopath in regard to his willingness to kill. Granddad occasionally serves as a more pragmatic voice of reason. Although he is set to inherit an enormous fortune, he insists upon living a life of poorly executed crime, usually on behalf of his grandfather's business interests or as personal favors to Riley Freeman. He seems to have trouble distinguishing targets; as he has repeatedly kidnapped or attempted to murder the wrong person. She first appears in the episode "The Trial of R. Sarah and her daughter are Usher fans, which makes Tom jealous. He often refers to himself as self-appointed moniker "Young Reezy".

Boondocks women

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Boondocks: Huey Explains Typical [Winston Jerome] Story

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  1. Overweight with a grotesque appearance and a glass eye it is also implied that he may possibly be senile , he idolizes old black-slave culture. He is told the original results were performed by a black doctor and were erroneous.

  2. The knowledge of his true heritage causes him to quit all of his jobs he is seen in a variety of service jobs in the show and adopt other behaviors that conform with his racist views.

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