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Common sense suggests that in a dispute between or within families over whether to circumcise, prudence favours leaving the child untouched. Paul Mason Commissioner for Children, Hobart. The SMH wants to insinuate that because they are old-hat, such objections should be ignored; but the real lesson is that if the practice is so controversial and debated there can never have been widespread agreement as to its value or legitimacy. Immediately after the operation, an infection or bleeding occurs in two to five percent of the boys, which sometimes requires hospitalization. The case of Boldt v. These facts alone dictate that the only person entitled to make an irreversible decision about the shape of his penis is its owner.

Bundaberg girls

A report from the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute, released this week, suggests that, in the absence of specific laws relating to the practice of circumcision, it may be an abuse of the rights of the child. In the process they naturally questioned many ancient observances and practices. A child before the age of 15 but under the law generally is not able to consent, with the doctor in these cases, estimated to be in this position. Western medical organisations no longer recommend routine neonatal circumcision. This movement to question and often reject circumcision includes Jewish Rabbis, scholars, parents, intellectuals and educators, both in the United States and in Israel itself. That is the premise of the KNMG, the organization of and for physicians. Opposition has largely come in the form of ethical arguments over the rights of the child being compromised by a procedure performed for no reason other than cultural practice, with the possibility of later psychological injury. Anything else is coercion. Why is it that Jewish and Muslim boys are not equally protected by law as girls? I highlight the qualitative similarities in the harmfulness of FGM and MGM in order to establish in Nussbaum an empirical and, I argue, ethnocentric oversight in which the criteria of harm are inadequately applied to the latter. This is a nettlesome legal issue because cultural practice is divided and the law is largely silent. The Constitution recognizes the right of parents, in accordance with their beliefs, to provide their children with religious and moral education. The case of Boldt v. One reason for its declining popularity in the West since the s may be the influence of women, who see their babies as perfect and not for cutting: Only about one in seven newborn boys are circumcised. In the context of such doubt, disagreement and uncertainty the only person with the right to decide whether to have it done is the individual man or boy, girl or woman. Slovenian news item at http: Guidance on religious education, in our opinion does not include the right of parents [due] to mere religious belief [to] choose to intervene in the child's body. Common sense suggests that in a dispute between or within families over whether to circumcise, prudence favours leaving the child untouched. Circumcision of boys may be performed only by physicians when there are medical benefits attributed. But let it be a choice that the person makes for himself, because ultimately there is only one person who should decide whether or not to remove a healthy part of the body, and that is the man himself. I argue that this assumption is erroneous, highlighting evidence that suggests that, according to the criteria of sexual diminution, pain and coercion employed by liberals to criticize FGM, circumcision can be viewed as a harmful act of Male Genital Mutilation MGM. Yet the reasons for such discouragement are clear. I did not refer the issue to the institute in connection with cases where a dispute arises whether to circumcise: Indications for professional intervention are listed in the professional urological literature.

Bundaberg girls

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  1. The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia [w]as asked for information concerning payment [for] circumcision annual number of interventions, the price of services and how the issue of payment is arranged, if medical intervention is not indicated, but is carried out only at the request of the individual or his legal representatives. This critical trend also derives from new historical information about the origin of circumcision male and female in Egypt and Africa, scientific discoveries about the damage caused by circumcision, and a desire on the part of individuals to observe a higher level of spiritual ethics.

  2. Arguments as old as the practice MORE than a billion men are circumcised and billions more have undergone the ritual over the centuries.

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