Chandigarh singles

Greta to have you coming back. Serena mistiming her backhand and it goes long. Not so much a tradition now, is it? First to digest this and then go on with the next one" July 14, Six hours and 35 minutes in the first semi-final.

Chandigarh singles

Serena has the break back as she finally finds her rhythm and has Kerber in all sorts of trouble. Brings up match point for Djokovic. Find Thousands of active Indian singles! Nadal holds at love. Big serve on the forehand and Djokovic sends the return long. Three match points for Djokovic. Hold on tight…This Wimbledon semi-final is going all the way on Centre Court as RafaelNadal saves three set points to take the fourth set against Novak Djokovic pic. I believed but he was equally great as well. Djokovic pounces on a drop shot and sends it for a backhand winner. I will just continue to come back and keep on playing and doing what I do best. They've both won one each. Big serve out wide and Nadal's reply is wide He's had a day off, hope I had that. Serena Williams has her serve broken with Kerber unleashing an absolute superb forehand winner down the line. Saves one with an angled shot which produces a lob and Nadal smashes it away. Did help that Serena played a bizarre volley which played into Kerber's hands and she came around to return a forehand that was much harder to return. Djokovic 73 - 73 Nadal Unforced errors: Serena Williams misses a routine volley. It was a very special match. Advantage Nadal with a bold volley winner into the open court. Such an amazing tournament for me. Nadal approaches the net after electric movement at the baseline but Novak, somehow, sends it for a forehand pass. Another one saved with Djokovic pushed on the backhand and it is sent into the net. Free Indian Dating Search: Trying, fighting to keep the first set going with Kerber drawing ahead once again.

Chandigarh singles

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  1. Angelique played really well. Nadal brings up another break point with a massive forehand winner.

  2. One is saved with a big serve, forehand into the court and then a smash down the centre with Kerber moving into the wrong direction.

  3. Both Nadal and Djokovic going hammer and tong, finding each and every inch of the court, finding lovely angles, going down the line and going across before Nadal drops the racket head for a drop shot and Djokovic can't get to it.

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