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It is important to note that the meanings below are generalizations; different regions interpreted colors differently. Women who wrote pysanky drew their inspiration from the world of nature, depicting flowers, trees, fruits, leaves and whole plants in a highly stylized not realistic fashion. Thus, the eggs were magical objects, a source of life. Alternatively, in ethnic Lemko areas, a pinhead was dipped into molten wax and then applied to the shell of the egg. The goddess is sometimes depicted with arms upraised, and the arms vary in number but are always in pairs:

Crazy girls saskatoon

Women who wrote pysanky drew their inspiration from the world of nature, depicting flowers, trees, fruits, leaves and whole plants in a highly stylized not realistic fashion. As with symbols, these talismanic meanings of colors applied to traditional pysanky with traditional designs, and not to modern decorative pysanky. The egg was also honored during rite-of-Spring festivals——it represented the rebirth of the earth. Thus hen's feet represent fertility and the rooster's comb signifies masculinity. Furthermore, the design, a combination of the motifs and colors on a traditional folk pysanka, has a deep, symbolic meaning. Other adapted religious symbols include a triangle with a circle in the center, denoting the eye of God, and one known as the "hand of god. It served not only as a colorful display, but also as protection from all dangers. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Pussy willow branches are sometimes depicted on pysanky; in Ukraine, the pussy willow replaces the palm leaf on Palm Sunday. Traditional styluses are still made from brass and wood, but those made with more modern plastic handles are gaining in popularity. Bits of shell covered with wax remained that color. They also had a second meaning as a sun symbol: Hearts are also sometimes seen, and, as in other cultures, they represent love. Pysanky would be written—and dyed—in batches. The dye sequence was always light to dark. Although the earliest pysanky were often simply two-toned, and many folk designs still are, some believed that the more colors there were on a decorated egg, the more magical power it held. An electric version of the stylus has been commercially available since the s, with the cone becoming a metal reservoir which keeps the melted beeswax at a constant temperature and holds a much larger amount than a traditional stylus. At least one egg was placed beneath the bee hive to ensure good production of honey. The pysanky were made at night, when the children were asleep. Humans could not catch the birds, but they did manage to obtain the eggs the birds laid. A meander motif on a traditional pysanka One interesting adaptation of the geometric design is not a symbol per se but a division of the egg called "forty triangles" actually 48 or "Sorokoklyn forty wedges. It is a sun sign. The pysanka was written on a goose egg, which was discovered largely intact, and the design is that of a wave pattern. The Slavic pagans also believed that the sun did not rise on its own, but was carried across the sky by a stag or, in some versions, a horse. Styluses are now made with modern materials. There are also flower motifs called orchids and tulips, but these are not botanical names. The deer and horses often found on Hutsul pysanky are solar symbols.

Crazy girls saskatoon

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  1. Pysanky with sun motifs were said to have been especially powerful, because they could protect their owner from sickness, bad luck and the evil eye. This is not a common motif, though, and may be a more recent addition.

  2. One was saved for each grazing animal to be taken out to the fields with the shepherds in the spring. This was attached to a small stick willow was preferred with wire or horsehair.

  3. Wooden eggs and beaded eggs are often referred to as "pysanky" because they mimic the decorative style of pysanky in a different medium. To give a pysanka is to give a symbolic gift of life, which is why the egg must remain whole.

  4. There are several thousand different motifs in Ukrainian folk designs. All but the krashanky and lystovky are usually meant to be decorative as opposed to edible , and the egg yolk and white are either allowed to dry up over time, or in modern times removed by blowing them out through a small hole in the egg.

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