Enama play

In most cases, only minutes before they were telling me how "enemas are not their thing", but they were trying it just to be open-minded and to humor me! Many people like to see some distention because it plays into the fantasy element of "large enemas. A "Double" Balloon Nozzle has 2 little inflatable balloons at the end. How do I go about it? For starters, buy an enema bag from your local store.

Enama play

It is hypothesized that these enemas were for ritual purification and the ingestion of intoxicants and hallucinogens. The thickness of colonic tubes is measured on a scale called the "French scale". After the first couple of enemas, it's mostly clear water. Other[ edit ] There have been a few cases in remote or rural settings, where rectal fluids have been used to rehydrate a person. But if you want to engage in any activity that involves an exchange of body fluids, it's best to get tested in advance. Yes, you'll find here several of those, too. It might even be considered rape If you're a girl, you might enjoy masturbating with the nozzle, and getting it wet that way. It feels a bit like inserting a key into a lock in the dark. Also, never take an alcohol enema alone. Then I turn on the water and wait until at least a quarter of the enema bag is empty. What about films of girls who enjoy enemas? Another invention was syringes equipped with a special bent nozzle, which enabled self-administration, thereby eliminating the embarrassment. Bowel management Patients who have a bowel disability, a medical condition which impairs control of defecation , e. Passing out is the saving grace! How do you explain enemas to someone who isn't into them? If dry, at best it'll fold up like an accordion -- and at worst it'll poke the intestine uncomfortably and dangerously. But other possibilities exists, too. As a grown-up, it may be a turn-on to revisit a "mum, daddy, auntie, etc. Set up your room in a way that turns you on -- such as music or scents or sexy pictures. Ask the Enema Wizard Got a question? Never give more alcohol by enema than the recipient is used to drink! Medication administration[ edit ] The administration of substances into the bloodstream. If they resist you, even in a relatively small way, they'll find the enema not so pleasant or easy to take; but if they reach a true state of surrender, they will most likely find the enema not a big deal, or even enjoy it. She could not be awakened by doctors.

Enama play

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  1. Any time that there's an exchange of body fluids including unprotected sex, or nozzles or toys going directly from one person to another , there's a danger of transmission of HIV -- the virus that causes AIDS -- or of several other STDs "Sexually Transmitted Diseases".

  2. But how about enemas for pleasure? A colonic tube is perhaps the most fascinating of all enema nozzles.

  3. Other[ edit ] There have been a few cases in remote or rural settings, where rectal fluids have been used to rehydrate a person.

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