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Associate Judge, William Cross, November 22, , to November 8, ; elected without opposition, his name being on the Union and Republican ticket. Jonathan Spaulding's sons, David, John and George, were born in the township, the first in , the second in , and the last in Colton in ; returned to Connecticut, and came back about Their disturbances took place in the months of June and July. The lodge now numbers fifty-six members and meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Devore, December 23, , to December 20, This measure, generally known as the "actual settlement law," was in substance as follows: Railroad, and is extensively engaged in sawing lumber, handles, etc.

Erie pa girls

The Miles suits were ultimately settled by amicable arrangement, and he became the agent of the company. During the year , the little colony was increased by the arrival of Oliver Cross, from Vermont, and of Thomas and Oliver Dunn, from Ireland. July 20, -- Thomas Rees, Jr. The old State line of Pennsylvania, before the purchase of the Triangle, terminated on the farm of Joseph Hewitt, in Springfield, between four and five miles east of the Ohio boundary. A mile or less west of that place, on the same line, the quality of the land deteriorates, though some excellent farms are found at and around the village of West Springfield. The country around is the best portion of the township, and the village is the largest settlement. Strong and Samuel H. The population was in ; 1,, in ; 1,, in ; 1,, in; 2,, in ; 1,, in , and 1,, in John Spaulding was elected in , but refused to serve. A Major General was entitled to draw four tickets, by lottery, for acres each; a Brigadier General, three of the same; and so on down to the drummers, fifers, corporals, and 'private sentinels,' who drew one ticket of acres each. The Universalist and the two Methodist Episcopal buildings are brick; all the rest are frame. It has a length of not far from ten miles. The speculation lasted until , when the banks failed throughout the Union, causing a terrible revolution. Two years after the Population Company sent Col. The Sawdy bridge has a span of about feet and a fill of about fifty or sixty rods; the one near Albion, a span of equal length and a trestle work of some twenty rods. Forster came on as agent, in company with Mr. This charge was supplied at first by priests from Crossingville, but more recently they come from Conneautville, Crawford County. John Nicholson, the famous land speculator, was elected President, and Messrs. Its present owner is William thornton. The following is a list of citizens of Springfield who have held State and county offices: Strong's grist and saw mill, a mile north of East Springfield; Reed's saw mill, on the Ridge road, half a mile west of West Springfield; a cheese factory at the latter place and an extensive tile works. This is disputed, however, by one of the old residents, who is positive the interment of a Mr. Wallace, of Philadelphia, made his home in Meadville at an early day, to act as attorney for the Holland Land company. Smith, both of Wyoming County, N. During the month of April, , was again in Philadelphia as a witness in the United States Court relating to the lands of the Population Company, and in which the company was successful. Huidekoper, a member of the corporation, came on from Holland, took charge of the company's affairs, and established his office in Meadville. Keepville Wesleyan congregation was organized, with about fourteen members, in , Rev.

Erie pa girls

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  1. The company also took up by warrant numerous tracts of land in Erie and Crawford Counties. The first Presbyterian edifice was a small log structure which stood on the old portion of the cemetery grounds.

  2. The same act directed that no warrant should issue after the 15th of June of that year, for any land within the Triangle except in favor of persons claiming by virtue of some settlement and improvement having been made thereon, and that all applications remaining in the land office after that date for which the purchase money had not been paid, should be void.

  3. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided against the adverse claimants, creating such a feeling of indignation and disappointment throughout the Northwest as has never been known since.

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