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Section , Appearance Tickets Any dog control officer, peace officer or police officer in the employ of or under contract of the Town of Frankfort is hereby authorized to issue pursuant to the Criminal Procedure Law, an Appearance Ticket, or, in lieu thereof, a Uniform Appearance Ticket or, in lieu thereof, a Uniform Appearance Ticket and Simplified Information as provided in Subsection of the Agriculture and Markets Law to assist in the enforcement of this chapter. Such notification not only expedites licensing, but also assures the accuracy of records essential to the return of lost dogs. Any owner fails to license or have any dog identified Any person knowingly affixes to any dog a false or improper I. The zoo, home to peacocks, goats, pigs, llama, donkeys, ducks, chicken, sheep, partridge, and pheasants, is loved by residents and visitors alike. Larry Ferrell was born Aug. Information regarding all previous marriages must be furnished in the application for a marriage license. Application for a dog license must be made to the clerk of the town or city in which the dog is harbored. Section , Seizure, Impoundment, Redemption and Adoption: No consents are required for any applicant 18 years or older.

Frankfort free state

This does not include previously married and currently divorced couples. Dorner used to keep a pigeon coop there. He was an All-American football player at Indiana University. Is a Dog Required to Wear the I. Town of Frankfort Fees? Applicants who are concerned about the credentials of the member of the clergy should consult an attorney. With clay tennis courts, Ferrell, according to sources, was very particular about keeping the courts in good condition, throwing kids and their bikes out of the Park for even the smallest violations. The Certified Transcript of Birth provides exact spellings of names, age, exact date of birth, and parent's names. Change in ownership of the dog Change in address of the owner of record Loss or theft of the dog and the return of such dog if that occurs In the event of the death of the dog, written notice must be given to the Town Clerk before or on the receipt of the renewal form. Purebred License For information concerning fees and the alternative method for licensing purebred registered dogs or dogs eligible for such registration, contact the Town Clerk's Office where the dogs are harbored. All foreign birth documentation must be accompanied by a certified translation from a certified translator. Application for a dog license must be made to the clerk of the town or city in which the dog is harbored. If either applicant is 16 or 17 years of age, both parents must sign a consent form available in the Town or City Clerk's Office and provide current I. The Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets will mail license renewal forms on an annual basis directly to the dog owners. He married Martha Finney later in life and had no children. He was park superintendent in the s with this Park commemorated in his honor. Information regarding all previous marriages must be furnished in the application for a marriage license. Surname Options Options are explained on the back of the marriage license. No license is transferable. Is there an age requirement for issuing a Marriage License? Whenever any dog is not on the premises of the owner, the I. If the owner of any unredeemed dog is known, such owner shall be required to pay the impoundment fees set forth in Subsection C of this section whether or not such owner chooses to redeem his or her dog. Obtaining a License Where? After years of kids running through his house and needing a place to play, George Dorner used his privately owned farm land to start the Park in , dedicating it to his wife, Pearl. Engage in habitual loud howling, barking, crying or whining or to conduct itself in such a manner so as to unreasonably and habitually annoy any person. Luther Howe was born May 6, , died in and is buried in Bunnell Cemetery.

Frankfort free state

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