Most comfortable massage table in the world your bed? Pick up some lightly scented candles lavender is a good choice , a CD with tranquil music and a bit of oil for your couple massages. Take tons of selfies so that you have your own Instagram trail of the date. You can discover more than 50, trails here with some undoubtedly in your neck of the woods. Explore a Neighborhood Be a tourist in your own city!


Winner may make any one request of the losing spouse make it a good one. Cook dinner together Instead of shopping for ingredients at the grocery store, challenge each other to create an entree out of food you have in your pantry. Got a pickup truck? Channel your inner nerd and impress your date at a local trivia night. Some of the greatest memories I have with my husband are holding hands walking along the water somewhere in the world. Have fun test driving your dream car or any car that looks like fun. Free Zoo Days Most Zoos offer a few free days throughout the year. Sit across from each other and set the timer for 60 minutes. Have a Picnic Instead of eating sandwiches at home for lunch, pack up and head out on an adventure to a local park or lake. Amateur night at a coffee house Many local coffee houses have amateur nights, where people can come in and perform or simply read their poetry. Take the subway or bus, get off at a random stop you are unfamiliar with, and explore. So without further ado, here are: At the very top row of the auditorium. Your kids and future posterity will be so grateful and it is so fun to go back and read or watch years down the road. Karaoke Nights Many bars have Karaoke Nights during the week. Use a grill, fireplace or gas stove to roast up marshmallows and eat them with chocolate and gram crackers. Bring good tunes and snacks to round out the moment. Last night, we were at a Pan-Asian restaurant and they were promoting the upcoming National Noodle Day October 6th for all you noodle lovers. The rules are simple: And I mean the absolute last row. Our date quickly went up in smoke…literally and figuratively…and we got out of there pretty quickly. Attend a Farmers Market Many cities now host farmers markets on the weekend. This date will get your spouse excited first thing in the morning and ensure you end the day that exact same way. You could even do this weekly with rotating themes. When was the last time you attended the country fair? Then do it again…this time that night…and fill the thermos with hot cocoa or red wine this time around. Visit the animals and learn about how a farm actually operates.


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