Indian sex antis

There was a large amount of pre-cum dripping out of the slit. You see, I am retired and have lots of spare time while my wife is at work, and with his job; he can take off whenever he wants. I kept licking and swallowing until I had his ass completely cleaned out. I could not believe that I was actually telling a stranger, that I wanted to be controlled by him. He just watched the movie and slowly stroked it as I moved down close to his big balls so I could smell his manly scent, never taking my eyes off that magnificent monster. My saliva was running down the long shaft, soaking his balls. I started swaying back and forth, closer and closer to it and my mouth was starting to salivate. My dick was throbbing now and I started to touch it and make it cum, but he told me to put my hands on his ass and just service his cock until I milked every last drop from it.

Indian sex antis

He took one hit off it, then handed it to me and told me that I had to finish it. As I was finishing my third double, and was starting to wonder what his cock looked like. I now have a hard, big veined black cock that shoots gobs of cum, to worship and serve. I was shaking and very excited while I talked with him. I was swallowed as fast as I could, but it was overflowing down my chin. One night when I got very high, I wrote this in the chat room Xminded: I kept licking and swallowing until I had his ass completely cleaned out. I told him that he was in control and I would obey. Especially when he took my hand in his. In my drug crazed mind I would die with his cock buried deep in my throat. I had my nose buried in his pubic hairs as I felt his cum start to gush into my throat. I lied, and jacked off just thinking about how much I really wanted to suck his cock. He said I could touch myself, but could not make myself cum. He leaned back and released my hair and my mouth dropped right down and I slurped all the gooey cum out of that slit, loving the taste and feel of it. I felt so depraved, and I loved it, my tongue found that wad of cum and started feeding it back into my mouth. After three hits off that blunt, my head was spinning. You see, I am into kinky sex and this would be extreme kink for me. When he finally spoke, I looked up and saw that big ugly smile as he told me to get the tapes. He introduced himself as sir. I was so high and turned on, and told him that I was his to use anyway he wanted, just please; let me take that cock into my mouth. He now moved my whole face around his sloppy ass and told me that I was all his now and he would feed me my just desert. He said I could get as close as I wanted, as long as I did not touch it. I knew that from this moment on, I belonged to him and he could use me anyway he wanted. My saliva was running down the long shaft, soaking his balls. As I stared up at that big cock, I stuck my tongue right into his puckered ass hole and started moving it around.

Indian sex antis

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