Kerala cute aunties

Today i came back from the college a little early and when i reached home i found my mother, my divinely beautiful mother Vinode, lying on the bed and sleeping. It was wet , it smelt of her divine pussy and piss. I saw my mother Vinode lying on her bed with her legs folded and probably deep in sleep. Her pussy was drooling with juices now. I turned the key in the lock and came inside to my room. I dont know what happened but i had an instant erection.

Kerala cute aunties

Her back was facing me and yet I could make out the outlines of her panty on her thin nighty. I get up early in the morning and head straight to my parents room so that i can have some glimpse of my sleeping mother who is so carelessly dressed as sometimes she might have had a fuck with my useless father at night. Today I dressed in them in the loneliness of my room and I have masturbated so many times sniffing them while wearing the other, that my cock has become sore. There I found my moms 3 bras and two panties. He spends most of his time at work. I am not really a fashion freek but yet i do take a visit to a parlor once in days. Then she started to rub her panties lightly while playing with her magnificient breasts at the same time. Right here, next to me while i undress her part by part, untying the knot of her nighty at her waist and then watching the glance of her slightly puffy waist but still very soft, so girlish and yet so motherly. The moment i see my mother , i just want to make love to her. I wanted to get a view from her leg side but i was afraid that she would wake up so i dropped the idea and came back to my room. I am getting crazy day by day about my mother Vinode. I dont know what to do. I have started to imagine Vinode mommy as my lover. In fact, she did nice fashion but looked like a plain lady when it came to sex. I was getting horny all the time at home now. In fact, over the past few days , I was also able to manage stealing her panties. A few years back, my husband , who works as a manager in a clothing company, bought a plush apartment in a suitable high class area for 45 lakhs. Morning walks and diet regime have kept my body fat free and one can say that i don't look my age. I watched her all the time …and today was a real treat! They have slight holes poking in them. Today , I came back home and found that my mother Vinode had reached before I arrived. Mostly, i dont see much but sometimes i can see right up to her areolas and nipples. Sometimes , she throws her arm over me , just a very motherly instinct but i love the weight of those nice supple boobs crushing on my chest. I too the blue one and smelt it What is he doing, my own son but there was no smell. While coming back , as usual I took a look from that keyhole. The cream one has become so transparent dut to her use that I wonder how my mommas delicious pussy will look with them. I was getting hot standing outside and I knew that it was time for some action.

Kerala cute aunties

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  1. It has been a lot of waiting for me. I didnt have much courage so i just smelt them for some time and after that i came to my room and masturbated.

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