Libra is the best

Surely a gracious fairy touched him with her magic kiss. His promises were almost too good to be true, so she phoned him, just to make sure she hadn't been dreaming. The trouble is that sometimes the women will look like Ike and the men like Bardot. Libra the best tmyst - Jan 5: They can weep with overflowing sentiment, turn sharply sarcastic, then be as bright and cheerful as the first robin in spring. When others are fighting, theyll play the role of peacemaker, and smooth everyone's ruffled feathers. Something may have happened at home to turn him around. There are many rewards when you're living with a Libra female. It gave him migraine nightmares.

Libra is the best

All this makes him terribly trustworthy, but a little hard on your feelings. Some of them may talk a lot, and they all adore to argue, but they're not gossips. Their personal arrangement of genes and cells and electrical impulses demand it, and most of them are pretty adept at managaing this delicate physical balance. She seldom lets her emotions keep her from dispassionate decision or a-balanced view, and she can usually give you better advice than your banker. When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Gemini and Libra together make for one of those ideal unions. It causes you to come to your senses. Does that fellow or girl with the dimpled grin have unpredictable reactions? Nope not me but I am a good designer. Libra invented romance, and refined it to an art with even more finesse than Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, which is saying a lot. There may be times when she's a little bossy, and Other moments when she talks your ear off. Your home may look like one of those magazine ads for wall-to-wall carpeting. Don't try to get away with a generalization like: Most of these boys and girls hate messes and an untidy house so much they'll help to keep it neat. The ultimate goal is to get both sides even, but what happens? The relationship is likely to move forward in mutually agreed upon increments with minimal friction. Often he misses what's going on two inches under his nose. The colors in his office will seldom be wild. A month later she passed him on the street, and he stopped to say hello. There will always be a definite attitude at any given moment. The little Libran does seem to be a plump, pink angel, right out of the pages of a baby book. To a Libra woman, there's no such thing as what she thinks is right. Winter is too cold for him. With all that restless activity, you expect him to drop his poise and break into a nervous run at any moment, Just as you expect the juggler to drop one of the balls he's tossing. Your Libra boss really needs your cooperation to be a complete person himself, and a man who needs you can get a firm grip on your loyalty, if not on your heart. Eating sweets can bring on obesity, stomach disorders and mottled skin.

Libra is the best

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  1. Be prepared to be a good hostess, because his home will be a regular hospitality center at most any hour of the day or night except during those times when he's resting and won't take kindly to being disturbed by doorbells, telephones or people.

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