The next time a Waaagh! It was Eltharion who was the first of Ulthuan 's generals to dare an assault on Naggarond itself and live to speak of it, and he who finally brought about the defeat of Waaagh! The magical energies they normally contained were wracking the land and the Phoenix King's armies were too far away to act. Victory lay in securing the Warden's Tower and the watchstone of Tor Yvresse. As his ship drew into the harbour, Eltharion briefed his warriors. In the th year of the reign of the current Phoenix King , Finubar the Seafarer, Eltharion became the first High Elf ever to lead a successful raid against Naggarond and return alive.


In the first task, Eltharion was aided by the nobles of his realm, who rallied to his banner with an enthusiasm not seen for many long generations. He reclaimed his old title and continued to lead the armies of Yvresse into war. He knew his destiny was to avenge his father and his home. However, Arkhan eventually killed Eltharion using dark magic. A terrible foe, with a shaman of frightful power at his command, Groat and his vast army of Goblins was overwhelming all in his path. But it's not just about naming things "Malshandir. There they wrestled with the power of the watchstone, seeking to stablise the vortex. The following morning not even the sunrise nor the cheering crowds of the victorious High Elves could force a smile from him. Despite being blind, Eltharion became one of the best fighters in Ulthuan, having been trained by the Sword Masters. Patrols of Ellyrian Reavers worked in concert with Shadow Warrior bands, ambushing enemy messengers and sowing terror and confusion deep into Dark Elf territory. All right, who did this? As his ship drew into the harbour, Eltharion briefed his warriors. The night of their return, the High Elves pitched camp near the shore, for the journey had been arduous. In the second, he sought the assistance of the Loremaster Belannaer. His reputation had spread so far and wide that Warbosses were actually seeking his army, knowing that the "Pointy-'ead" would "give 'em a proper fight. He entrusted his most loyal soldiers with this task and they swore to complete it. Eltharion battled Mannfred von Carstein while Arkhan the Black was performing the ritual to reawaken Nagash. Later History At some point Eltharion miraculously regained his sight, no longer blind and now even deadlier than before thanks to the Swordmaster's teachings. Talisman of Hoeth - This finely wrought medallion allows its wearers a measure of the original Warden's magical knowledge. Eltharion stirred from his fevered sleep. The spirit spoke in hollow tones, telling him that their ancestral home of Athel Tamarha had been destroyed and its lands defiled. He arose from his bed and grasped the sword, feeling new strength flow into him as he lifted it. For a moment it looked as though the Goblin would prevail, and he prepared a final, deadly spell to finish off Eltharion, when suddenly he halted mid-spell. Yet, miraculously, there always seemed more greenskins for him to fight. Through strength of will alone, Eltharion deflected the lethal magic that the Shaman propelled at him, as Stormwing raked and clawed at the startled Wyvem. He fought at Ulthuan's defence during the during the End Times and lead an army into the heart of the Old World.


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  1. If the watchstone of Tor Yvresse were to fall too, then devastation on a scale not seen since the Sundering would be unleashed. With that act the Greenskin attack faltered and Eltharion's veteran regiments swept the Goblins from the city.

  2. Patrols of Ellyrian Reavers worked in concert with Shadow Warrior bands, ambushing enemy messengers and sowing terror and confusion deep into Dark Elf territory. On his Griffon, Stormwing, Eltharion himself rode down those that fled, and ensured that not one Dark Elf escaped to send word to the Witch King.

  3. Fangsword of Eltharion - This rune-encrusted longsword has been passed down through Eltharion's family for generations. Upon arrival they found the great city in flames, Goblins and Ores, led by Groin raged through the streets.

  4. Moranion's Message During the night. He slaughtered Warbosses and ran their armies to ruin.

  5. Eltharion did not stop to savour the victory but instead went with four of his bravest warriors to the Warden's Tower.

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