Montanita girls

You can follow their journey at Lost With Purpose , or stalk them on their Facebook. I was going from the ocean direct to the airport, still covered in salt water. Author Ashlyn George 5 Comments Throughout my travels, I have learned a few travel hacks, tips, and tricks that make journeying to a new destination a little bit easier. Love knows no bounds, right? Every once in a while, take some time for yourself; this could be sitting and reading, going for a walk, or simply having some e-bonding time with dear old Facebook. Remember that this is a chance to bring you closer together than ever before.

Montanita girls

My flight arrived after 9pm and we were heading out right away to celebrate. Sometimes you want to go visit that one temple, but your partner wants to go on a trek with some new friends from the hostel. I checked in and was shown immediately to a clean shower with fresh towels and complimentary soap and a hair dryer. It was clear to me what decision I needed to make, so I booked it. It was on a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg in South Africa that I discovered what is now one of my best airport travel hacks. Not every moment will be Instagram-ready with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Backpacking together is an experience like no other. Why not do both? So I considered my options. A separate set of deodorants? Share the packing load. You might as well keep your money together in one bank account, to make it easier to keep track of your spending, right? You can follow their journey at Lost With Purpose , or stalk them on their Facebook. Backpacking and traveling can be much more stressful than day-to-day life, and many a couple has broken up while on the road. I had several hours to spend at the airport but would not have time to shower when I flew in to Johannesburg. Being an overprotective or jealous partner will just drive your bae away. I continued to Google my options and discovered that many airports offer private lounges not affiliated with an airline that are open to the public to use for a fee. Realize that traveling together will be a lot less glamorous than you think. Make time for alone time. Keep your finances separate. Mere hours before I needed to step on a plane and celebrate New Years Eve in a different city. I dolled myself up for the pending night out which resulted in a lovely compliment from the air steward when I boarded the plane and for the next few hours, enjoyed sampling the tasty food available to me. Nobody wants to look on the negative side, but things do happen. If you break up while abroad and have a shared bank account, what then? I admit to feeling a little special as I pushed the elevator button to the private lounge access area. May as well get prepped for a fun night out, right?

Montanita girls

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