Naran kaghan

A daily flight to and from Islamabad is also in operation. An enchanting feature is the Flag lowering ceremony held daily in the evening presenting a pageantry of march past. PTDC has constructed a motel facility at Bamburet to facilitate the increasing number of visitors who come from across the world to meet and study the social and ethnic life style of the Kafir-Kalash. The motel also offers telephone, Satellite TV and laundry facilities. Another one hour drive by jeep will take you upto an altitude of feet on to the second largest plateau of the world popularly known as Deosai Plain.

Naran kaghan

Big and large, the lake offers ample opportunity for trout fishing, boating and rowing. The PTDC Motel consist of 47 rooms, presents an ideal place to break the journey for an overnight stay enroute to Gilgit, or beyond. This ridge was partially destroyed in the Kashmir earthquake. The motel offers facilities like TV, telephone, and laundry. This four rooms Motel is ideally situated with magnificent view of the surrounding mountain. The motel has a beautiful reception lounge and a restaurant offering continental and Pakistani dishes. The major city in Baltistan is Skardu which by road, lies approximately 5 hours away from Gilgit. The Motel consists of 25 rooms offering facilities for conferences, excellent walk, chairlift and ride. The motel is an elegant tourist complex having 12 well-furnished, comfortable rooms, lounge and a Restaurant serving oriental and continental dishes. The Motel is spread over a 20 acre compound having standard rooms, huts and economy rooms. Here PTDC Motel remains open throughout the year and is ideally located in the bosom of the valley astride lush green lawns overshadowed by majestic Chinar trees. Here, too, an excellent Restaurant, serving both western and local cuisine, is ideally placed overlooking the river. Even staying at Saidu Sharif, you can have day trips to the wonderful places of tourist interest. The Motel has 12 rooms, Restaurant, sitting lobby and allied facilities like telephone, TV, laundry and rent-a-jeep. The area is surrounded by lofty mountains and is ideal for breaking journey on Chitral — Gilgit route. It is most important archaeological site presenting B. The motel has assumed greater importance since commencement of Bus Service between Pakistan and India. The treks along the mountains are ideal for daily excursions. Situated only 31 km from Islamabad, Taxila is easily accessible by road and train from all entry points. The restaurant with its choice of western and Pakistani cuisine is always willing to oblige anglers with excellently prepared trout. After hours of trekking a hill is climbed, and on the other side, Ansoo Lake is visible. It lies in the beautiful valley of the Shyok river. The trek is covered with snow in most parts of the year. It has a spacious restaurant with sitting capacity of guests, reception lobby, conference rooms and a craft shop offering traditional craft items and embroidery for sale. A daily flight to and from Islamabad is also in operation. Fifty kilometers from Miandam lies Kalam, the heart of the Swat valley.

Naran kaghan

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Naran Kaghan Valley - Kpk , Pakistan

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  1. Arrangements for traveling into China are available. Visiting Saif-ul-Muluk, lalazar, Batkundi or simply relaxing in this gentle valley, the experience at the PTDC Motel is guaranteed to be a memorable one.

  2. This particular motel facility has been created to facilitate travelers traveling between Pakistan and Iran especially the devotees who cross into Iran border for visiting holy shrines and places of religious significance at Mushad and Qum.

  3. The fairytale summer palace of the ex-ruler affords a magnificent view of the Trichmir and the surrounding valleys. Apart from well furnished rooms, the motel comprises a Restaurant and a Reception lounge.

  4. It make it an ideal resting place. Visit to Deosai plains is an experience of a lifetime.

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