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In January Richard was dispatched to Aquitaine to punish the barons who had fought for him. The terms provided for the destruction of Ascalon's fortifications, allowed Christian pilgrims and merchants access to Jerusalem, and initiated a three-year truce. The Itinerarium peregrinorum et gesta regis Ricardi , a Latin prose narrative of the Third Crusade , states that: Richard knew that both Philip and his own brother John were starting to plot against him, and the morale of Saladin's army had been badly eroded by repeated defeats. Eleanor remained Henry II's prisoner until his death, partly as insurance for Richard's good behaviour. Eight days later Richard's own nephew Henry II of Champagne was married to the widowed Isabella , although she was carrying Conrad's child. Richard took his new wife on crusade with him briefly, though they returned separately.

Oc din din a go go

The conflict paused briefly in June when the Young King died. In Poitou the ex-provost of Benon, Peter Bertin , was made seneschal, and finally, in Gascony the household official Helie de La Celle was picked for the seneschalship there. Further, Eleanor championed the match, as Navarre bordered Aquitaine, thereby securing the southern border of her ancestral lands. After Richard became king, he and Philip agreed to go on the Third Crusade , since each feared that during his absence the other might usurp his territories. A peace treaty was secured in January and Richard's betrothal to Alys was confirmed. Only days later, on 28 April , Conrad was stabbed to death by Hashshashin Assassins [87] before he could be crowned. The turning point came in the Charente Valley in the spring of In June Richard was formally recognised as the Duke of Aquitaine when he was granted the lance and banner emblems of his office; the ceremony took place in Poitiers and was repeated in Limoges, where he wore the ring of St Valerie , who was the personification of Aquitaine. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Roger of Howden wrote: The army then marched to Beit Nuba, only 12 miles from Jerusalem. The garrison sallied out of the castle and attacked Richard; he was able to subdue the army and then followed the defenders inside the open gates, where he easily took over the castle in two days. Contemporary historian Ralph of Diceto traced his family's lineage through Matilda of Scotland to the Anglo-Saxon kings of England and Alfred the Great , and from there legend linked them to Noah and Woden. King and crusader Coronation and anti-Jewish violence Richard I being anointed during his coronation in Westminster Abbey , from a 13th-century chronicle Richard I was officially invested as Duke of Normandy on 20 July and crowned king in Westminster Abbey on 3 September Richard made one last attempt to strengthen his bargaining position by attempting to invade Egypt —Saladin's chief supply-base—but failed. Richard then ordered a general counterattack, which won the battle. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Depiction of Richard left and Saladin right , c. Walter de Coutances , Archbishop of Rouen , was reluctant to sell the manor as it was one of the diocese's most profitable, and other lands belonging to the diocese had recently been damaged by war. The brothers also had supporters ready to rise up in England. According to Angevin family tradition, there was even 'infernal blood' in their ancestry, with a claimed descent from the fairy, or female demon, Melusine. The increasing cruelty of his rule led to a major revolt there in Eight days later Richard's own nephew Henry II of Champagne was married to the widowed Isabella , although she was carrying Conrad's child. Tancred had imprisoned William's widow, Queen Joan , who was Richard's sister and did not give her the money she had inherited in William's will. Eventually, Conrad of Montferrat concluded the surrender negotiations with Saladin's forces inside Acre and raised the banners of the kings in the city. The King travelled to Anjou for this purpose, and Geoffrey dealt with Brittany. To raise still more revenue he sold the right to hold official positions, lands, and other privileges to those interested in them. At the same time, John, Richard's brother, and King Philip of France offered 80, marks for the Emperor to hold Richard prisoner until Michaelmas

Oc din din a go go

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