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At our sole discretion, we may take reasonable steps, including limiting the numbers of emails you send or receive and electronically filtering or throttling or terminating your e-mail. Important and private information should be protected by you. That's how websites work. Subjects have included how different approaches to profile pictures affect the amount of messages received, why young men should try to date older women and what the best first messages say. So sure, it's not entirely based on looks, but they're probably the biggest factor. OkCupid is primarily ad-supported, and those extra clicks and pageviews generate more revenue.

Okcupid com sign in

To cancel this agreement, mail or deliver a signed and dated notice which states that you, the buyer, are canceling this agreement, or words of similar effect. The person who uploaded his or her photos eventually receives a report sharing which photos fared best with which kinds of people so he or she can make an informed decision about which ones to feature more prominently. Use of these links to access other Internet sites is at your own risk. A-List Membership and Other Paid Features OkCupid is free, but if you would like to upgrade to an A-List membership or any other paid features the "Service" , the following terms apply. We may also give you a license to use features that use License Triggers for free or as part of a promotion. If you send or deliver the notice to cancel your subscription agreement within such three day period, we will refund the full amount of your subscription. Users were asked instead to consider other browsers. OkCupid establishes links to other websites for the convenience of its users; however, such links are not intended to be an endorsement of the other website. Assuming a user is a paid user "A-List" , the site notifies a user if someone likes that user. Such access is restricted to authorized users only; any attempt by you to access these areas without authorization may subject you to criminal or civil liability. When users are presented in searches, QuickMatch or Quiver, their pictures are featured most prominently, but some profile data is included as well — usually just one paragraph. Your use of this Website may be subject to the laws of other countries if you are not located in the United States. In the event that you become disabled such that you are unable to use the services of OkCupid before the end of your subscription period, you shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your disability by providing the company notice at the same address as listed above. OkCupid cannot and does not assure that it is safe for you to have direct contact with other users of this Website. The arbitrator can grant any relief that a court can, but you should note that arbitration proceedings are usually simpler and more streamlined than trials and other judicial proceedings. Upon the renewal of your subscription, if OkCupid does not receive payment, you agree that OkCupid may either terminate or suspend your subscription and continue to attempt to charge your payment method provider until payment is received upon receipt of payment, your account will be activated and for purposes of automatic renewal, your new subscription commitment period will begin as of the day payment was received. Information about products or services offered by third parties are referred to on the Website for information purposes only. OkCupid CEO Christian Rudder attempted to defend the company, in part by suggesting that it would be unethical not to experiment on users: Important and private information should be protected by you. Access and proprietary rights So long as you comply with these Terms of Use, you are authorized to access, use and make a limited number of copies of information and materials available on this Website only for purposes of your personal use in order to learn more about OkCupid or its products and services, or to otherwise communicate with OkCupid or utilize its services. You further agree that you will not use personal information about other users of this Website for any reason without the express prior consent of the user that has provided such information to you. For details on the arbitration process, see our Arbitration Procedures. Matching[ edit ] To generate matches, OkCupid applies data generated by users' activities on the site, [37] as well as their answers to questions. Automatic Renewal 1 Your subscription for the Service will continue indefinitely until cancelled by you. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the Website, by joining, you agree that your use of the Website shall be for bona fide relationship-seeking purposes for example, you may not use the Website solely to compile a report of compatible singles in your area, or to write a school research paper. Although the company later clarified that nicknames or initials would be acceptable, [30] despite a list of "banned words" being employed, this change has been criticized as potentially paving the way to harassment of individuals and minorities [31] and doxing , [32] and it has been noted that unlike other dating sites that encourage the use of first names, OkCupid "encourages long profiles full of intimate details, including candid answers to questions about sex and politics", making connecting that information with a real name more problematic to users. Decisions by the arbitrator are enforceable in court and may be overturned by a court only for very limited reasons.

Okcupid com sign in

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  1. Links This Website may contain links to other websites that are not operated or controlled by OkCupid.

  2. You agree to maintain current, complete and accurate information for your billing account at any time you have a subscription. In one article, James Grimmelmann suggested that companies like OkCupid that conduct experiments on users without their knowledge are potentially breaking the law.

  3. Except as expressly set forth above, these Terms of Use do not grant to you any express, implied or other license or right under any patent, trademark or copyright of OkCupid or any third party. Among other things, TheSpark.

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