Pancakes for singles

Of course, that guy was an overweight Italian-American cantatore where this guy is an overweight African-American R'n'B performer, but crap music is crap music, no matter what genre, style, mood, weight category, or ethnic state you're in. Certainly the biggest inspiration for late-comer Dr John, as well as miriads of other colourful coloured performers. The best thing about the song is probably that little sequence of piano tinkle issued by Harry during the first five seconds - or, rather, its cute deceptiveness; it leads you into expecting something old-timey, play-it-again-Sam-style, but the final result is something way more modern sounding, at least for the early Fifties. Apparently, Willis "wrote" the song, but I'll be damned if it hadn't already been "written" at least a couple dozen times, and his vocals aren't that good to give it a personality all its own, while the arrangement is pathetically generic. Ting-A-Ling [A] By now you know you can't go wrong with the Clovers, so even if God himself comes down to tell me this song is shitty, I will just have to continue reveling in agnosticism. No big deal, though - gimme a good set of pipes and a great musical backing out here, and you could be singing the Constitution of the United States for all I care.

Pancakes for singles

But I'll still take Big Joe. Sure the main melody is, again, rather rudimentary - a direct sequence of being penned by A. It isn't particularly well arranged, or exceedingly well sung, or tremendously resonant All in all, just one more reminiscence of the fact that true R'n'B did not appear overnight, but actually had quite a prolonged and painful birth period. Good ol' Sticks sings and plays like there was really no tomorrow, and delivers some genuinely funny and witty lyrics, too the tune is actually self-penned for once. Man, the Army sure has a vandalizing influence over people - look at Elvis for Chrissake. What I love about cooking is that after a hard day, there is something comforting about the fact that if you melt butter and add flour and then hot stock, it will get thick! Adorable [B] The band's first big single without McPhatter, freshly "drifted" into the army sorry, couldn't resist a pun attack here. Placing this thing next to 'Lonely Avenue' is like matching David Bowie with the Osmonds, and can only be excused by the historical nature of the boxset. Maybe really the best of the five Chuck tracks on here, even if not necessarily the subtlest. This big fat lounge sound is, I'd say, far more suitable for all those glitzy, but tasteless Marylin Monroe flicks of the time than for Ray's essentially down-to-earth nature. At least the lyrics aren't anywhere near as trite this time, but then stop me before I actually start discussing the lyrics in a mediocre doo-wop song. Of course, in the modern world, populated by a couple hundred thousand professional blues piano players all of which took lessons from pioneers like Harry, it's pretty dang hard to appreciate his contributions. The first track on the boxset which I honestly and openly enjoy for much more than simply historical reasons. Without Love There Is Nothing [B] Somewhat better than 'Treasure Of Love', if only due to McPhatter firing all the guns and putting on a truly stunning vocal performance over a melody that's about as interesting as Funny that, according to the liner notes, 'Midnight Special' sold well enough where 'Annie Laurie' did not. CD II 1. The clownish sax runs, caricaturesque lyrics, and overdone vocalic stylisations are at their absolute peak, even if any biting social overtones you may occasionally find in Leiber-Stoller's work are trimmed down this time - after all, this is nothing but an innocent little spoof on the concept of the Superhero in Western or, for that matter, any other movies. This is her sexiest one yet, lyrics, intonations, modulations, and interjections comprised. In short, proof enough that sometimes firing all the members of the band is actually better than just firing one - or two - of them. To be more precise, why are they now attempting to stuff this kind of material on their A-sides, to be later collected boxset-wise, instead of relegating it to the dark side of the 12" moon? Not that I don't dig that sort of entertainment, mind you. Since the tune is also credited to 'A. Besides, McPhatter's vocal modulation on the verses constitutes a particular hook of its own. Soul On Fire [B] The former "Little Miss Sharecropper" has a predictably immaculate way of singing otherwise why would Atlantic take an interest in the first place?

Pancakes for singles

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  1. A whoppin' fifty seconds have passed before we're subjected to the first vocals, enough to convince everybody and his grandma that what we have here is an instrumental, and then wham it happens. It's their usual, regular, and quite nutritious schtick.

  2. Maybe really the best of the five Chuck tracks on here, even if not necessarily the subtlest.

  3. Good ol' Sticks sings and plays like there was really no tomorrow, and delivers some genuinely funny and witty lyrics, too the tune is actually self-penned for once.

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