Pisces man love horoscope today

The Pisces man is loyal, romantic, generous, compassionate, kind, and sensitive. This is where the depression can come from and angst. It will be a rather difficult connection and unsuccessful marriage. The opportunity of connection or a marriage is very high if they manage to overcome the differences between their temperaments. If Libra becomes quarrelsome, Pisces will plunge into despondency.

Pisces man love horoscope today

He is more likely to think with his heart than his head, tending to dislike confrontation or hurting others in any way, and often having difficulty saying no, or leaving bad situations or relationships. Most likely the Cancer will be the leader, because of the Pisces' inclination for some eccentricity in love affairs. These very different people and they supplement each other emotionally. It is a good combination with complimentary values. Or on a builders site wearing a hard hat and covered in dirt. Both affair and marriage are successful. What this man needs is a soul mate, someone who he can become united with both physically and mentally. The Pisces man is intuitive to the extreme and possesses superb intuitions. And it is nice to be able to have someone who you can sit with and talk with for hours about your inner most feelings. Because of the strong sensorial impact on the Pisces man, love has an important place in his life and he lives it in its sublime form, experiencing the mystic love, or in its most debasing and abject form. Finally Libra will become tired with a Pisces' desire to rely on someone. Pisces and Capricorn Love Compatibility Horoscope The Pisces will probably try to cheat on the Capricorn because it is in their character, but the Capricorn is able to cope with it and will be the leader in bed. This is the ultimate goal in a long term relationship and this is very difficult to achieve. Pisces and Cancer Love Compatibility Horoscope This is an affectionate, sensitive couple who will bolster each other's ego. Pisces wants to get close but is constantly confused and rebuffed by Sagittarius's struggle to free itself of the heavy emotional demands. The active participation of the Aries will help Pisces get over their shyness. Sagittarius's sharp tongue will hurt Pisces's romantic sensibilities. The symbol for Pisces is two fish moving in opposite directions, which represents the conflicting desires of flesh and spirit. He has a hard time maintaining a relationship with one woman. The Pisces man will know how to touch you and make you feel like your floating on a cloud. Pisces is easily clouded by emotion but can be brought to reality by Taurus' down to earth nature. Some Pisceans are attracted to drama, art, creativity or fantasy in an attempt to escape from the gritty reality and frequent disapointments of life. This is an extremely difficult connection. Pisces and Virgo Love Compatibility Horoscope Pisces and Libra Love Compatibility Horoscope Here there is mutual attraction, but it seldom lasts long as they start off fine, since both are sentimental and affectionate. Libra can get along well with most people, but Pisces is more discriminating, and this is the source of their disagreements. The marriage is almost impossible. There is very good forecast for these relationships.

Pisces man love horoscope today

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  1. They intrigue each other because they are so different, but the differences don't mesh well. When confronted with complicated issues, he tends to retreat into his dream world and wears his "rose colored glasses".

  2. One of my greatest fears was never finding true love and end up in an unfulfilling relationship or even worse end up alone.

  3. Pisces and Gemini Love Compatibility Horoscope The passion quotient is high, and so are the problems.

  4. In his youth, the Pisces man is not aware that through his love he is in fact trying to meet heaven, he is searching for God.

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