Red door saloon nashville

Upon entering I could see that there was some kind of Chicago connection. Im from New Orleans and i found that this place resembles dive bars back home: The service was terrible. The bartender ID'd me and come to find out she had just relocated from Portland a year ago and was pretty happy about that. This place gives you a great feel for true Nashville, including hospitality. Tonight was a different story. I went in at 5:

Red door saloon nashville

I thought it was inconvenient, but a little cool for the creativity of space haha. I went in at 5: Two drinks and 30 dollars later to drink water with a splash of pineapple was unacceptable. It kind of has a punk rock vibe think a red and black motif with a bunch of weird decorations , but nothing pretentious. Claim this business to respond to reviews, direct messages and public questions from members of your community. I have repeatedly been impressed with how fast their bartenders work here, they seem to always have a packed bar but you still can expect to be waited on in a perfectly reasonable time. Poor management and judgement, will never go back. You don't want to lose your liquor license but carding people who are clearly older than you will reflect on your tip. Lots of tables and stools but it gets packed on the weekends so tables fill up fast. Good amount of room. I walk in and it's the kind of bar that is cluttered and well worn but not dirty. Regrettably starting to lose some of its soul in the process. Never in my life have I seen race hit me so hard. Fun patio vibes and who doesn't love that creepy, cool red lighting! We had a group of 10 girls and we had an absolute blast. I think the bathroom, which rooms two stalls and a sink, holds room for what should be a good one size bathroom. Well we have been coming to this place for years and have loved it because of the pineapple vodkas. We ordered pizzas and 45 minutes later had not received our food. Old funeral home converted into a bar. I was staying near Vanderbilt and Red Door seemed inviting. Food portions are huge, so share with a friend! Especially when were very calm about the situation and not a bunch of drunkards. The only reason this is a 4 star is if you have a larger group, it can get pretty cramped and you'll likely have to split up at multiple smaller tables. I am not this guy, but this hit me totally wrong. When we questioned the drink we knew and loved forever we got escorted out. Tonight was a different story. Try the Asian Spicy Chicken.

Red door saloon nashville

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