Sagicorn woman

To be expected from someone who doesn't get enough sleep. Of the 38 trolls, there are three burgundy-bloods , three bronze-bloods , five gold-bloods , four olive-bloods , five jade-bloods , five teal-bloods , four cerulean-bloods , four indigo-bloods , and five purple-bloods. The unnamed Caprira troll's hair as well as his horns' shape resembles Gamzee's quite a bit, and they both look somewhat unusual by their caste's standards. He gets really excited over the thought of having friends, and often sports a huge smile. Tagora means "that mountain" in Russian and various forms of 'mountain' in multiple East-European languages; appropriate, since he's trying to obtain mountains of money and climb the social ladder. Her last name Houtek alludes to the comet Kohoutek, a celestial body infamous for being considered underwhelming compared to the hype for its once-in-an-epoch appearance. Real zebras are apparently known for actually behaving in a way not entirely dissimilar to him.

Sagicorn woman

He's an information specialist, and is implied to be Tirona's knowledge broker, who does errands for him. Tagora means "that mountain" in Russian and various forms of 'mountain' in multiple East-European languages; appropriate, since he's trying to obtain mountains of money and climb the social ladder. Carmia is Hebrew for 'Song' and also possibly a reference to 'Carmilla', a female vampire. Meanwhile, his last name Adalov refers to Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and a founder of programming. Koriga is Uzbek for "cousin". The only comment on the cup Tyzias is holding is "that's not coffee". Xicali could be a shortening of Mexicali, the capital city of Baja California, known for its high crime rate. Zebruh is an Indigo-blood with an interest in Olive-blooded females, which harkens back to Equius being moilrails with Nepeta. Most likely it's a reference to Van Diemen's Land, the old name for Tasmania; Diemen is an oppressed rustblood living off the grid and surviving by theft, and Australia is well known for having been originally colonised by transported criminals used for slave labour. His Friendsim route reveals that he also has a thirst for adventure and speaks in antiquated language like Jake English. Well, more like blood colour of hats: Boldir sounds like either Mulder or the Norse god Baldr. Not only that, but Mallek openly checks you out, and in the good route you directly flirt with him, trying to be "cute", which obviously tells of attraction which, based on his blush, might be mutual. What Pumpkin later stated that this was not his actual sign. Almost all of the Tealblood trolls including Terezi have first names beginning with T. Similarly, all Colbaltbloods have at least one spiked horn, with the exception of Ardata Carmia. Knowing Alternian culture, being part of that religion might be required of all Purplebloods, or else. Meanwhile Kalbur refers to Excalibur, the sword from the Arthurian legends. Marsti is a Sanskrit word meaning among other things "purify" and "cleanse", a reference to her being in the "scrub life". Te-Giri is also a form of martial arts. Two trolls, Ardata and Marvus , currently have unknown signs, although Marvus was briefly depicted in the Troll Call roster wearing the Caprist sign on a top hat. He likes to hack technology, and even considers taking control of the drones, though he is hesitant to go too far with it in case he gets in trouble, and because he thinks there's not much point as he will have to leave the planet soon. Maenad refers to the maenads, who are maniacal female followers of Dionysus. Moolah is either slang for money, or The Fabulous Moolah more likely the latter since Nihkee appears to be the troll equivalented of a professional wrestler. Both Mallek and Vriska have a buzzcut and piercings. A blockchain refers to a series of records that are linked and secured by cryptography, often used for crytocurrency. She has a matesprit, but all we know about them is they're not Tagora.

Sagicorn woman

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