Sant nagar burari

July 3, Their rivalry has led to 15 murders. While the inner circle of members appeared to have taken poison, the others were shot in the head. NK Agarwal, a property dealer in Burari, refused to speculate about the fate of the neighbourhood, but said that the Bhatia house will certainly bear the brunt. Relatives of the deceased are being called to get more information about the family. Further investigation is on in this mysterious case. Police probing if it was murder or mass suicide. Property dealers said that those aware of the killings hesitate from buying and renting a home in the residential block in which the house, belonging to the accused Moninder Singh Pandher, is located.

Sant nagar burari

Joseph Kwiweter e, one of the key leaders of the cult and believed dead during the killings, was later declared a suspect in the murders and is still at large. Speculation continues as to the whether the deaths were suicide or murder, whether the fire was caused by cult members or by others including the FBI. A year-old woman who was in the vicinity was caught in the firing and died of bullet wounds. Jim Jones also had five Congressmen who had visited the Jonestown settlement for an inspection visit killed while they were leaving Guyana. Lalit Bhatia's wife Tina 42 and their year-old son Shivam were also among those found dead along with Pratibha's daughter Priyanka 33 , who was engaged last month and supposed to get married this year end. Hands of some bodies were tied. Body of an elderly woman was found in a different room near an almirah. The north Delhi locality was stunned this Sunday when news emerged of 11 members of a family being found dead inside their home. Tyagi is relieved that an empty plot of land separates his apartment from the Bhatia house. A police team was dispatched to the family's home in Sant nagar in Burari. Many residents suspected that local property dealers were spreading rumours about ghosts. At least four tenants vacated the neighbourhood soon after news of the deaths spread. In October , 53 members along with both the founders of the cult were found dead in Switzerland and Canada. According to Gyanendra Kumar, a realty dealer in Sant Nagar, residential flats with parking facility cost anywhere between Rs 3, and Rs 6, per square feet. The deceased include an elderly woman, her two sons, their wives, five children and the elderly woman's daughter. The living members of the Bhatia family, meanwhile, are doing their bit to dispel rumours surrounding the house. They are also calling relatives to know more about the deceased family. The rivalry between the leaders of the two gangs - now in their twenties - began in during the Delhi University student union elections when they were hired by the students to help them fight the polls. However, journalists and investigators soon started reporting instances of mistreatment of members, especially children in the cult. We are investigating from all possible angles, we are not ruling out anything: Some of them had their hands tied. Out of those killed, had been children who were killed first by their parents. The police said members of two local groups, the Gogi gang and the Tillu gang, fired at each other from their cars around Jul 2, , Upon raiding, the forces were met with gunfire. Over a dozen offices of property dealers, within a metre radius of the Bhatia house, bears testimony to the land availability fact. Police are investigating if this was a case of mass suicide or were the family members murdered and then hanged.

Sant nagar burari

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Delhi Burari deaths: Cops recover handwritten notes with details of mass murder

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  1. The deceased were identified as Narayani Devi 77 , who was found dead on the floor, her daughter Pratibha 57 , her two sons Bhavnesh 50 and Lalit Bhatia July 3,

  2. The ceremonial suicide was allegedly a step for the members to transform to celestial spirits before they were carried off in a spaceship that was allegedly trailing Comet Hale-Bopp.

  3. That was the day of the mass deaths which investigators now claim were not all suicides. The order was a breakaway faction of the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda.

  4. Bhavnesh's wife Savita 48 and their three children - Meenu 23 , Nidhi 25 and Dhruv 15 were also among the deceased. Here are five of the deadliest religious cults around the world that propagated collective deaths.

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