Say i love you in swahili

It can be a friendly and inviting look or a threatening one. They are very much humiliated! Hence the use of "mzazi" parent , instead of "mama" mother. There is no "home" for wickedness. It's the Almighty God.

Say i love you in swahili

Maybe someone is complaining about what he or she did or just an attempt to intimidate him or her. It's an unfortunate reality that bedevils many human relationships. In other words you will always find that there is something you don't know. The writing teaches us not to be too swift at dumping our friends and lovers only to regret when they find "better" suitors. A kanga with such a writing is definitely intended to give someone a good "rub". If one were to fall for each one of them it would be impossible to establish a lasting relationship with anyone. The Swahili people believe that it's in God's plans that people miss some things and get some things. It's a kind of words you never get tired of hearing! It is a caution against making hasty decisions on things that affect us directly. In other words, it is a call for unity. Associating a lover with a word "ubani" is likely due to its nice fragrance or the fact that it requires a hard task of burning "ubani" in a prayer to have a lover. In this writing the kanga wearer is confronting others who seem to talk behind her back regarding her life style. And in this particular context it is with regard to relationships. As the Americans would say: We really don't know who will and will not be useful to us. You may be in trouble and get helped by someone you least expected. I am prepared to bear the consequences of my own mistakes. Wicked things are not reserved to special places. If someone has become successful by doing something, it is not necessarily right to assume that you will also be successful by doing the same thing. This is a very strong statement. One has to work for whatever he or she wishes to achieve. If you serve your God, He will serve you. You are my cowife Someone is messing around with someone else's husband! It is commonly used in large gatherings especially in religious Islamic ocassions where believers say prayers. If you are happy to go to war, it is hypocritical at the same time to cry pray for peace. Ironically, it is this pain that creates a solid bond with her child and giving her the reason to protect the child from any harm.

Say i love you in swahili

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  1. That is exactly how relationships are sustained! We really don't know who will and will not be useful to us.

  2. This is a piece of advice not to take hearsay seriously. There is no "home" for wickedness.

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