Shetland singles

I also find I'm much more consistent in the thickness of the finished yarn when I spin this way. I then rinse once or twice in cool water, and spin out the excess moisture in my washing machine, or roll the yarn in a thick towel to press out the water. If you're used to treadling quickly, you may even want to practice treadling as slowly as possible while keeping the wheel moving smoothly before you start to spin. The less twist the yarn has, the softer it will feel--it will be cushier and warmer and irresistible. A barn jacket may need more twist, but a shawl is lovely and drapeable with low-twist yarns. Once I've figured out how much twist the yarn needs, I want to record that in some way so I can reproduce the yarn later if desired. This is repeated as needed until the section is fully drafted; it's then wound onto the bobbin.

Shetland singles

Variegated yarns show to best advantage, as well, making weaving or knitting much more fun. I skein the yarn, and tie the skein in 4 places I don't bother with figure-eight ties. A barn jacket may need more twist, but a shawl is lovely and drapeable with low-twist yarns. But actually, texture is anything pertaining to the feel of a yarn, including a smooth yarn. I also find I'm much more consistent in the thickness of the finished yarn when I spin this way. I spin all but true worsted yarns long-draw. It's a bit of a challenge to successfully spin low-twist yarns, but one well worth mastering. Commercially combed top is a different story entirely. Yarns with very little or no active twist. Spinning, from fiber selection to finished yarn, is a time-consuming process, even if you sit down to a basket of roving. The pinch is released, allowing twist to travel into the fiber, then it's pinched off again. Conclusion I find that low-twist singles yarns help me improve my spinning skills while providing soft and exciting yarns for knit or woven projects. Leave another skein spun the same way on the bobbin or skein winder for a few hours, then take it off, and you'll see it twist back very little; the twist in that skein is stale and tired. My daughter's coat cloth was spun to pass the tug test and there was not one broken warp end. With more practice, I'm sure I'd learn how to better gauge how much fiber to draft with each draw. The goal is to draft as evenly as possible, but be aware that your yarn will be slightly thick and thin. Skein of low-twist singles yarn showing very little twist back Using Low-Twist Singles Yarns You now have a beautiful, soft, lofty yarn to play with! Close up of low-twist yarns For a short description of twist angle: I consider such yarns to be in the class of "balanced" yarns: Fast drafting is essential, in order to keep ahead of the twist. Low twist singles yarns and knit samples. You can even wash in the washing machine, if you use cold water, mild detergent, and very gentle agitation. Then I use precarding to remove all vegetable matter, short cuts, brittle tips, and other debris. For starters, set up your wheel to the slowest possible speed and lowest possible take-up. I usually prefer to ply these yarns if they are to be used for knitting, putting a 15 degree twist angle into the singles; or, if weaving, a bit more twist, around 20 degrees, so that when used as singles the yarns will handle light wear without obvious damage. It doesn't look as smooth as if it were blocked, but I don't have to worry about its length being abnormally stretched, possibly causing problems in the finished project.

Shetland singles

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  1. This tutorial will bring together some of what I've learned about spinning low twist singles yarns.

  2. Because the fibers are not very even and parallel, the yarn won't wear very well at low twist angles. Finally, I drumcard at least three times on my Mark V drumcarder.

  3. I spin all but true worsted yarns long-draw. I wouldn't use it in the foot of a sock, but it would be a wonderfully warm yarn for the leg portion.

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