Sorry picture messages for girlfriend

Do you ever feel, like, your head is full of sand, not your regular loose sand mind you, but compacted sand, and there were like, I dunno, bugs or something jumping up and down on the compacted sand? Always think positive and always live positive. I pledge to you, my caller, that you will never have to suffer through another long answering machine message when you call me. Please hold while I process your call. Please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as it is humanly possible. As you can see, I'm off making Montreal a safer place' to live. Please leave your name and number unless of course you are a salesman or trying to solicit money. Don't you do it!

Sorry picture messages for girlfriend

Strong walls shake, but never collapse. I am very happy to have you as my girlfriend. Can't take your call, I'm hiding from the men in white coats. Focus on the love and not the distance. You've called our number, but we don't care. Theme from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the background: I love you baby. I mean, he can't come to talk to you right now, but if you leave a message after the, umm oh, the uhhhh Tomorrow, you will once again be where your thoughts have taken you. And know it, I wrote this with my middle finger! Once this is done, our computers will be able to use the sound of YOUR voice for literally thousands of illegal and immoral purposes. This is his refrigerator. The most common response: I just hope she forgives my stupidity. Your eyelids are getting heavy. The bathroom explodes into a veritable maelstrom of toilet paper, with Dale in the middle of it, his arms wind milling at incredible speeds! You have reached Hi, this is George. I can't understand the instructions. You know, it can be really lonely when you're a fashion model. Send me a picture of yourself. If you want to leave your name and just a message, press star, press 6, ask for extension , then leave your name and message. We used to call it an answering machine, but this is a high-tech world and we're in a high-tech business, so we don't call it that any more. I know that you're afraid. Hang on a second while I get a pencil.

Sorry picture messages for girlfriend

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Sorry Romantic Messages for Girlfriend

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