Southern milfs

While they did their thing, Janet and I just played and had a great time. In addition to Deauxma and Brandee, see three more scenes of older women seducing younger girls. Deauxma pairs up with Cindy Graves in this hot scene of two mature vixens taking turns pleasing one another. I then roll over on to the floor and I take him in my ass doggy style until he shoots his hot was all over my face. Mike Hammer and I get together for the first time in a no holes barred sexfest.

Southern milfs

Well that doesn't last for long. Once again Deauxma sucks big cock and then takes DFW Knight's big tool in her coookie and then up her ass. I just love big black cocks! I reward Mike for satisfying me by giving a good tonguing until he cums all over my huge boobs. Then I got out my 10 inch dildo and played with it. All of this while smoking. I am reunited again with male porno star Dino Bravo as he and I get together for more backdoor action. Minka then puts on an 8 inch strap on and goes to town on Deauxma's hot box. Deauxma first meets up with a young stud in his apartment while his friend shoots video. Deauxma picks up hitch hiker Zander Lin and takes her to a hotel to ravish her goodies between the sheets. Then Deauxma finds a hot babe on the road and takes her back to her hotel. Watch as they deliver mega boob action that will surely satisfy guys who love really big bazoombas. Deauxma first finds a young and beautiful innocent blonde and shows her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Can you guess where he shoots his hot load, You will have to get the video to find out the answer. DVDs are shipped out in discreet envelops without any embarrassing markings on the outside. I ride his big tool and then uses it where I need it most. Each scene contains two women playing with each other and at times adding a toy for that little extra excitement. This is the first video of a continuing story line that begins in Texas, goes to Florida and ends up on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. As for me, I love to see live action and hear the moan and groan sounds of great sex. There are a lot of trailers on this DVD. Watch as Deauxma does what she does best, taking big hard cocks up her butt and loving it. Each take turns sucking and licking each other's huge boobs before moving on to giving their sweet cookies some needed attention. Scene 3 - In this scene I am playing a game of solitaire, drinking a Corona and smoking another huge cigar. She and I do a lot of kissing and going down on each other. Deauxma and Summer Lane get together for a real wet session of love making. In this episode we find Deauxma cruising the rich back road oil fields of southern California.

Southern milfs

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Fia UK SC photoset 78 from Southern Charms - Milf Fia and Tight Jeans

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  1. If you are a big fan of Deauxma, then you know she loves it in the backdoor. For a finale, all three shoot their hot loads on her face for a very messy facial.

  2. She has always wanted to be with a big busted woman with a strap-on. This was my very first so say professional scene that was filmed with my husband.

  3. See me and new comer Mr. He was a nice looking guy and I loved his British accent, so how could I refuse.

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