Tally youngblood

After the bubbly climb, Zane and Tally are soon holding the things Croy left her: They end up climbing up to the roof where the Smokies have hidden their present in a padlocked shack and the key at the top of the spindly transmission tower. Unfortunately, Zane's plan involves an industrial tool called a crusher. Remembering that real Specials are headed straight for her, Tally panics and runs after Croy, intending to catch him and tell him to never come after her again. Cable and her Specials will never catch the Smokies.

Tally youngblood

David can't bear to lose Tally again and tries desperately to convince her to escape with them, promising to send Zane the cure like they did with Tally, but she's lost faith in Maddy's cure and doesn't want to chance something going wrong with Zane's weakened brain. A terrified Tally ignores his pleas to not be taken to the hospital, but he recovers on the way. Cable explains that Uglies are allowed to be tricky in order to see who's cleverest, to see who is able to break out of the cage. Now able to sail above the jungle, they reach the tallest ruin in no time. Aya is confused at first that he's an Ugly, not a Special Cutter, but her questions are silenced by Tally's death glare. Growing more and more uneasy, she decides to confront the mysterious person. She follows the Special through the doors to the emergency stairs, ignoring the warnings plastered all over them. After all, although she's made a whole new set of memories with Zane, she hadn't wanted her memories of David to be erased. Discovering the truth Edit At the party, Tally begins to notice someone dressed as a Special following her. After rejecting a ton of ideas, they decide to simply copy Peris and Fausto. Cable, Tally is totally unprepared when Shay confronts her about her memories of Tally's betrayal of the Smoke. They witness Shay along with two members of the Crims and seven other Pretties who wanted to be Crims but weren't accepted drop their winter coats onto the ground and embrace the freezing rain in nothing but trousers and sleeveless t-shirts. Cable informs her that they know all about Zane's brain-damage and even managed to bring the nanos to a halt, but the tracker in Zane's tooth was programmed to give him headaches to provide them with "motivation". Forgetting all about wanting Croy to stay away, she only remembers that he had something to give her. They both go back to the city and make a big plan to save Shay, Maddy, Az and the other Smokies. Tally is a fifteen year old ugly, waiting to turn sixteen and to finally become a pretty. But he had made Croy promise to go in his place if anything happened to him, saying that he would never have allowed Tally to be left all alone in the city. The Cutters all put on Ugly disguises and keep Aya and her friends close by riding two to a hoverboard. Tally feels betrayed and whilst roaming the evacuated Diego hospital gets a ping from Shay. Cable, who comes to her rescue when Tally is about to be de-specialized. Shay straps some parts of a hoverball rig onto her arms, takes Ren and dives out the window. The sight outrages Zane so much it triggers a migraine so bad he has trouble breathing. However, that doesn't mean the Cutters won't. Aya had found a mass driver filled with odd metal cylinders and discovered that they were laced with smart matter, allowing them to transform into a missile-like shape. The sight convinces them that the Inhumans are going to bomb every city in the world, and so Tally gives the order to destroy them. Cable's touch-pad and Maddy thinks she can figure out a cure to the brain lesions. As a special Edit Tally has become a Special Circumstances agent against her will.

Tally youngblood

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  1. When Tally walks back to the party after taking him home, she's confronted by Dr. She sees him, as a pretty, on the elevator.

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