The darth invader

The Lord of the Rings: Even after he finally dies, he manages to Kamui his spirit back to the real world to assist Kakashi, essentially making himself a Force Being. One pictured Soulcatcher dressed in black leather and a mask and morion. He's the Big Bad 's Dragon, a Fallen Hero , related to The Hero grandfather rather than father, though , a Magic Knight always a powerful warrior, and acquired powerful magic after becoming a sullanciri , wears a cloak and a succession of creepy masks actually a sign of prestige in his homeland; his non-villainous countrymen wear them too, though Nefrai-kesh's tend to be especially sinister and has something of a Noble Demon streak, with the implication that he was deliberately holding back so as to sabotage the Big Bad 's forces without her knowledge. And during the final battle, he switches sides once agan and helps the heroes defeat her. He is now that organization's sworn enemy and commands an army against it. Char Aznable and his many clones from the Gundam franchise. Ares in Wonder Woman dresses in a black and spiked armour and helmet and he is revealed to have more complex reasons for his plans than simply For the Evulz.

The darth invader

He can also see into the future. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the series' author, Michael Stackpole, has written many works for Star Wars. Kueller of The New Rebellion is one of the most notable ones, though he also has callbacks to the Emperor. In the intervening years since his appearance in The Clone Wars , he's ended up with a largely cybernetic body and has a breathing problem which gives him a raspy voice and necessitates occasional use of an inhaler, resulting in Vader Breath. The actual Darth Vader is defeated before the assault on the Death Star. It's an eight-year-old spoiler to anyone familiar with the comics. He ended up on life support after a battle with the protagonist's mentor, All Might , before the events of the series begin. A Song of Ice and Fire doesn't really have Dark Lords anywhere in the story, but Lady Stoneheart in addition to being a female example of this trope, ticks more than a few boxes. Emplate, the main villain of the Generation X series, comes complete with a cape and a respirator that alters his voice to intimidating levels. Skeletron is Zeus' mute right hand man, leads his armies and wears a scary black armor, while the man who captured Apple wears a gasmask and an Asian-inspired hat though less Japanese Kabuto than Chinese, Three Storms ' conical straw hat and has a Vader Breath. It really doesn't help that his character arc in the novels was meant to mirror his grandfather's. Later kills The Hero 's and his own mentor. Gen Urobuchi deliberately based Homura's character on prequel-era Anakin , as a sweet girl who turns darker thanks to her experiences. Severus Snape does not need Vader Breath to qualify. Comic Books Doctor Doom , designed by Jack Kirby , may appear to be this, but predates Vader by over a decade , and in fact Vader was partly based on him. There's also Dirk Raider from Brewster Rockit: Fortunately, he has had more opportunities to do good than Vader did. Darth Krayt also has several Vader-esque qualities, most obviously his appearance he's big and imposing, and his armor is dark, spiky and includes a face-concealing helmet his backstory fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord , the fact that he's suffering from a crippling physical condition which his armor helps abate, and his interest in turning the protagonist. It has the canonical example of the Winter Soldier, with both the danger factor and the comparisons dialled Up to Eleven. To make similiarities more apparent, despite of her extreme magical power, she's still nothing more than pawn of greater evil. This shows too, with his deep, sinister voice , a scarred body with a large muscle-bound physique , a prosthetic limb , a high intellect , a bloodthirsty , warlike personality , a personal vendetta against one of the heroes , and a habit of executing incompetent Mook Lieutenants. The Supervillainy Saga has an interesting variant in its lead; Gary Karkofsky a. He's a ridiculously dangerous cyborg and widely feared for excellent reason , he's The Heavy for a less physically imposing villain, and he's got a close personal connection with the hero. Shrike from the Mortal Engines series has several similarities to Vader. The Winter Soldier , where his Domino Mask is swapped out for a pair of opaque goggles and a cyclist's mask that covers the lower half of his face. Skeletor's mooks in Masters of the Universe all dress in black armour and Vader shaped helmets. Galaxy of Fear has a literal clone of Vader, dressed in what's described as a cheap knockoff of Vader's armor.

The darth invader

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Darth Vader the Invader

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  1. He also has something akin to a Vader Breath. Along with being tall, dark and scary, he brings this trope home once it is revealed that he is the older sibling to some of the titular team's members.

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