Three girls and a moose

I'm thinking of putting a homework folder in their notebook for all the homework to go in. The acronym was more first grade friendly There should be a pocket in the front of the notebook. I take out one binder from my box, praise the owner if the binder is orderly and explain all notes that are in there. Hope all this info. I will find out this school year how they hold up My ziplock pouches also held up all year The height and weight charts are more for health experts to see the general growth pattern for your child. One for graded papers only and the other one for all else. This year, I contacted Office Depot.

Three girls and a moose

I have a zippered pouch for math counters, number cards, letter tiles, rhyming dominos, etc. This year they put their moose books in a box under a table. In this front pocket, look for your child's homework, and classwork that was not completed at school. Each pocket is looked at as a group. He is very angry with three friends and his son, but he has a good heart when it shown. They are holding any homework that they have. After our welcome, introduction activities and some rule discussion and practice on the first day, I present the binder like it's a long-lost treasure. They hold onto any notes, money, etc. She wears a white blouse, purple dress, and green shoes. The first year I did them I purchased the materials. I'll have two student files. He wears a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and red shoes. Rather than have a M. However, they did not all make it and I ended up replacing about half of them. Each child should have a 3 ring notebook. Voiced by Linnea Hincks. Kestner's Hoppin Good First Grade www. However, the binders, if you purchase the cheap Wal-Mart ones, will not be reusable after one year. We send home a Thursday Folder with notes for the week, a newsletter, and graded papers. She wears a blue dress with a smiley on and red shoes. But it will be worth it. My kids have pe right after lunch. Like the other posters, my parents raved about it too. I would highly recommend them!!! I found a Moose picture that I liked, cut it out and stenciled it onto the front of each one with Sharpie markers.

Three girls and a moose

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This Girl - Moose and Camille

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  1. I went into the store and wrote down item numbers, price and how many I would need of each.

  2. I used green Slicker binders that were fairly flexible, by the way. It has worked very well.

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