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Although in tiny print on the bottom front of the record jacket it said, "An Anthology," to avoid legal problems, the jackets of this record were soon carrying a prominent sticker that said, "The material in this album is not from or based on the television series Sanford and Son'. Theoretically, one would be able to match the logos on the record jackets to the first release label, but the albums were reissued so often, and the logos on the jacket front revised so often, and leftover label stock used so unpredictably, that this is just not easily done. The basic skits, including the audience, are in mono. To avoid conflict with the 45 series, which started at , the catalog numbers for the EP-LP series at this point jump to In the following discography, we have indicated the format after the catalog number. The album contains the Birds group recordings in addition to Hayden solo. Of course, history shows the Platters went on to tremendous success on Mercury, and interest in the Penguins waned. Some copies of this album have the original flat maroon Dootone label; that is unusual because it was released 3 years after the label name change. This label was used for the remainder of the LP issues, which lasted until the mids.

Tonky honk

Slow and low makes for perfect tenderness and a tasty smoky combination. Early Dootone albums far left had a label that was either flat or glossy maroon with silver print, graphics the same as the 45 or 78 labels. Walter "Dootsie" Williams died in , the same year as Redd Foxx. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography which are all out of print , we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. If Dooto had only produced the "blue" material, it would probably be long forgotten by now except, of course, on web pages such as this. In the record jacket illustrations below, we have freely substituted later issues with the same graphics but with, say, a later logo style to be able to illustrate how each cover appeared. Two of the first three singles on Dootone [ and ] were by Johnny Creach, a violinist who would become famous in the Woodstock era as "Papa John" Creach, and would be heard on Jefferson Starship records two decades later. Even though they never had a big hit, the Calvanes' EP [], titled "Voices For Lovers," is cherished by vocal group collectors and sells for megabucks today. Dootone recorded rhythm and blues, jazz, comedy, gospel and popular music. An album by the Penguins alone, titled The Cool, Cool Penguins [Dooto DTL], was released later, and this album, with the original yellow and red Dooto label, is also much in demand by collectors. In , Williams also recorded a group called the Medallions, with lead singer Vernon Green. Authentic Records was a budget subsidiary of Dooto. This album is banded, but there are only two bands on each side. Early in , when the label name changed to Dooto, both the 45s and the EPs switched for a time to maroon labels that were essentially the same graphics as the Dootone labels. But the singles output of the label was a different story altogether. Hayden was the lead singer who fronted the Dootone group, the Birds, although his name on those releases is listed as Willie Headen which may have been the original spelling, although it was pronounced "Hayden. Foxx and Williams had a falling out around , but Foxx was legally tied to Dooto until Frank Sinatra bought his contract for Sinatra's Loma label in Singles and EP releases used a similar label near left. In the following discography, we have indicated the format after the catalog number. This was at approximately the same time as the logo on the front of the album jackets changed to one resembling a musical note rather than the rounded logo used up until then. To avoid conflict with the 45 series, which started at , the catalog numbers for the EP-LP series at this point jump to The members of the Penguins became unhappy with Dootsie Williams because he refused to give them advances on their royalties, so they got a new manager named Buck Ram. Later reissued with full color photo. The other side has two songs each by the Medallions, Meadowlarks, and Dootones.

Tonky honk

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  1. The original album in red wax is unbelievably rare and is worth several thousand dollars but watch out for counterfeits or "reproductions". We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below.

  2. Singles and EP releases used a similar label near left. Albums changed from Dootone at , released in , to Dooto at , released in

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