Each soldier could make two minute calls per week, and he set aside four computers for personal e-mail. Someone reportedly got word to Army Chief of Staff Gen. The eastern part of the camp is the airfield, the current focus of construction. Range control is also responsible for organizing all medical evacuations. The Udairi [Udayri] Range is a training facility about 20 kilometers by 27 kilometers in size. Camp Udairi, Kuwait is located about 10 miles from Iraq. Udairi's ranges are different from any other ranges in the world.


Thompson said he expected them to stay only until Dec. Each soldier could make two minute calls per week, and he set aside four computers for personal e-mail. Individual units run their own ranges at Udairi, but it's the range controller who makes sure they run it safely. Compared to the Udairi, the Army's National Training Center at Fort Irwin is a theme park, with its rock formations, scrub brush, hills and valleys. In many ways, troops are safer here than almost anyplace else. The ranges are just one big sand box with a lot less administrative or artificial restriction. To the west of the road is the cavernous chow hall tent and one more tent city. The Udairi [Udayri] Range is a training facility about 20 kilometers by 27 kilometers in size. The military personnel were in a small structure and tactical vehicles. Scott Darling, 38, of Tampa, Fla. These joint training and combined arms live fire exercises are conducted under combat conditions with two exceptions. Already it has grown into a fortress that has surprised newcomers with its relative comfort. The ordnance struck near the observation post manned by the forward air controllers responsible for directing the strikes. Ali al Salem was thoroughly wired, and Thompson had 20 telephone lines at his disposal. The range has been open since at least , when it was reported that US B and B-1B's took part in live-fire exercises at the facility. Range Control also performs inspections to make sure all other range policies are being followed. The sand-colored tents have plywood floors and hold up to about 50 soldiers. CASEX are held quarterly for the purpose of practicing air operations against hostile ground targets in close proximity to friendly forces. Once at the Kabal tactical assembly area, soldiers wrap up their pre-combat inspections before moving about 15 kilometers to the Udairi Range to zero, boresight and calibrate their weapons. Gilrodriguez is a member of the rd Aviation Support Battalion, which supports the 3rd Infantry Division. Construction crews are rushing to complete the third and final ramp before the expected arrival of parts of the st Airborne Division. Thompson has only three DSN phone lines, and soldiers are now limited to one call per week. The engines of the construction trucks roar all day, and the blades of the helicopters whir at night. The date slipped again and again. The arrival of the Rakkasans will swell the number of helicopters based at Camp Udairi to more than , said Lt. But the soldiers now have a much tougher time keeping in touch with loved ones.


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DFN:1-155 IN - Mortar LFX UDAIRI RANGE, KUWAIT 08.05.2018

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  1. Various targets, including tanks and tactical vehicles, are located randomly in impact areas throughout the range. But war is a very real threat here.

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