Vancouver island cougars

Two of the cats were juveniles and one was an adult female. They are best adapted for short powerful chases though and are skilled climbers and forest navigators. Over 20 attacks have occurred during that same time period and while this number is incredibly small considering the power of the animal, it is still best to take precautions in cougar country. There are an estimated cougars that live in BC and an estimated live on Vancouver Island making it the highest concentration for this mountain lion in North America. Living mainly in the forested mountain habitats of the Island, the continual expansion of humans into their territory forces these shy creatures to interact with humans.

Vancouver island cougars

However, humans rarely see one. As well, given that Vancouver Island is such a stronghold for this species in BC, the protection of the population on the island could serve as an important founding colony if local extirpations occur in other areas of Canada or the Northwest. A donkey ended up with a scratched ear after the cougar attack on Saturday. No matter what you do in a confrontation, stay calm. Keeping yourself and your children aware of these safety guidelines can allow you to camp in Cougar country with confidence. As a top predator, similar to the wolves, the cougar is an important control for lower trophic levels, starting with the deer. Speed and Strength Cougars have the largest hind legs proportionate to any others in the cat family. If a cougar seems aggressive, arm yourself with a large stick, throw rocks and speak loudly to them. You want to make yourself look like a predator, not prey. Conflict with humans continues to be a threat to this species as well. Major Threats Habitat destruction is the major risk to this species. Talk to the cougar in a confident voice and back away slowly. The Vancouver Island population tends to appear reddish brown in colour and a fully grown male weighs around 70 kg. Female cougars will give birth to two or three cats every couple of years. By doing this, you are feeding the cougars natural prey and can potentially draw the cougar towards your campsite. Vancouver Island Range Cougars are distributed ubiquitously over Vancouver Island, with a higher density in the less inhabited northern half of the Island. It is best to keep all wild animals away. Interior cougars are very light, coastal cougars are darker, and Vancouver Island cougars, who we often share our space with, are a smaller, red subspecies. They have gained a certain degree of notoriety in central Vancouver Island, where their territory overlaps with that of the Vancouver Island marmot, and their hunting of the marmot is a serious risk to that critically endangered species. First, do not approach a cougar. Sightings are common in the rural communities, with many elementary schools having formal cougar-warning plans in place. The cougars on Vancouver Island tend to remain on the eastern side of the island, where there is less climatic variation, and a higher density of black-tailed deer. Although a cougar will most likely retreat in this case, you have to credit that this is a wild dangerous and wild animal that can behave unpredictably. These animals are very territorial, with adult males controlling an average territory of km2. Remember that instances of these confrontations are rare.

Vancouver island cougars

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Cougar vs. wolf: Predators' battle caught on camera in B.C.

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